October 14, 2022

For all of us true sneaker fans, sometimes we want to take our footwear game up another notch.

Is this you?

Are you ready to see some shoes that are really going to pop?

Here at Mad Kicks, we are well-known throughout the UAE and beyond for advertising some of the most high-quality and relevant sneakers and streetwear products that you can find on the market today.

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Not only have we selected some of the most high-performance footwear, but we are also known for having exceptional prices and the earliest release dates possible.

But sometimes a person's preferences are going to be for something even more personalized.

Around the UAE and other parts of the world, people can now get custom kicks made that will fully match their styles and personality.

From color choices to textures and style, customizing your Nike sneakers is a great usage of your time and talents if you want something that is truly unique to you

Custom Nikes are almost as much art as they are function. In fact, some fans of custom kicks don't wear their shoes very often. They may limit where or when they want to bring them out since a custom pair of Nike sneakers is going to sell for substantially more than the regular retail price of a pair like the already pretty cool Air Jordan 1 or even the super stylish Nike Air Force 1 Low "Supreme White".

You can even add different types of unique content to the sneakers, such as text or photos that are special to you.

Some of the things that have been seen on social media as popular ways to customize your Nike sneakers have been for birthdays, anniversaries or to commemorate another special occasion.

 Here's our Nike Air Force 1 Low "Supreme White":

Nike Air Force 1 Low "Supreme White"
nike airforce 1 low supreme white
One couple had customized Nikes made for their wedding day. Talk about a special way to remember a big day!

There have also been examples of soon-to-be parents having customized kicks made for their gender reveal parties...one shoe blue and one shoe pink.

Regardless of the occasion, having a pair of customized kicks be part of the live event is a cool and creative way to change things up a bit - especially if sneakers are a big deal to you already.

Sneakers collection

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How Do I Buy Custom Sneakers?

It may take some looking, but you can probably find an online site that will offer to help you create a pair of custom sneakers and may even have ideas that will help you improve any idea you've already begun formulating in your head. Custom sneakers can come in almost any type from men's Nike Dunks to women's Air Jordans.

Most custom sites will let you upload artwork, your own photographs, or other items you may wish to have included in the sneaker's design.

Just make sure that before you sign off on your creation you make sure and give it a final look...once you've custom made a pair of sneakers, you likely won't be able to get your money back if you don't like the way they turn out.

Check out this awesome Nike:

From afar these may appear similar to the model’s "Laser Orange" offering that released in 2021 as it also features that shade across the Swooshes, laces, interior liners, Swooshes and the treading. However, the tongues, toe boxes, quarters and collars deviate with their creamy exteriors which subtly tone down the sneakers’ overall palette.

Wmns Nike Dunk Low "Peach Cream"
Wmns Nike Dunk Low "Peach Cream"

Not Ready for Customized Kicks, But Still Looking for Something Special?

At madkicks.com we may not make customized sneakers, but we've got just about every style and color options that you can imagine.

Whether you're looking for the latest Air Jordan 1 or Air Jordan 12, we can accommodate just about every person's preferences when it comes to footwear.

And, at a price that's significantly less than customized sneakers, ours will make not only your feet happy, but your bank account too!

The ideas for footwear are almost limitless at Mad Kicks. Whether you want to update your style or change it entirely, there is a good chance we will have what you are looking for.

Checking out our merchandise is easy! Once you sign on to our Mad Kicks website, you can browse hundreds of brands and styles that are available for shipping to anywhere in the UAE and to many other locations as well.

And, if you have any questions, we have a knowledgeable and friendly staff who love cool kicks as much as you do!

Customized kicks are seriously cool...but at Mad Kicks, we think you can find something that will make you seriously stand out too! From the classics to the latest styles like a pair of Air Jordan 1 Prototype, we've got you covered.

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