January 13, 2023

It's no secret that the popularity of the Air Jordan 1 sneaker has been consistently high for over three decades now.

Ever since Michael Jordan himself wore these now iconic shoes on to the Chicago Bulls basketball court, they've been a top seller and on many collector's lists for season after season.

From bright and bold colorways to those that are more subtle, the Air Jordan 1 seems to be a shoe that isn't going away anytime soon.

And...whether you are looking to purchase a pair in a high-top, mid-rise, or low style, there is sure to be a fit, colorway, and look that best suits you, your fashion style, and where you plan to wear the shoe.

 Air Jordan 1 Low Golf "Wolf Grey"

Air Jordan 1 Sneakers...Not Just For the Court Anymore

When Nike first collaborated with Michael Jordan to create the Air Jordan 1 sneaker, it is speculated that they had no idea the way in which this shoe would immerse itself into areas of life off the basketball court.

Nike wanted to create a unique campaign with Jordan and bring some real change to how people saw their basketball and court shoes.

Air Jordan 1 Low Golf Wolf Grey

No longer would court shoes just be practical and designed for high impact sports, but now - thanks to the Air Jordan 1 brand - they would be fun to wear as well.

But, before Nike knew it - plenty of people off the basketball court would begin to want and expect these shoes to be available for them as well.

Here is  Air Jordan 1 Low Golf "Wolf Grey"

Air Jordan 1 Low Golf "Wolf Grey"

The Air Jordan 1 Low Wolf Grey: A Perfect Combination of Subtle Style and Practical Wear

The Air Jordan 1 Low White Wolf Grey wasn't released into the world until decades after the first Air Jordan 1 sneakers first were available to the general public...

But what a hit the Low White Wolf Grey has become!

These Air Jordan 1 Low sneaker give off a very different feel from many of the Air Jordan 1 kicks that have come before them.

With a colorway that is significantly more subtle than many of the others that Nike has recently released, the Air Jordan 1 Low White Wolf Grey is perfect for the person who wants all the high design and functionality of an Air Jordan 1 sneaker, but prefers color patterns that do a good job of blending in more than standing out.

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The Air Jordan 1 Low White Wolf Grey is a great sneaker for when you want your shoe to accessorize the rest of your outfit, not define it.

Starting with the white leather base that Air Jordan 1 lovers have come to expect, the sneaker then touts the Wolf Grey colored overlays and the Nike trademark Swoosh.

Of course, these wouldn't be authentic Air Jordan 1 Low kicks without the Jordan Wings logo on the heel.

Finally, a translucent outsole adds the finishing touch.

The Air Jordan 1 Low Wolf Grey is currently only available for women and released in July of 2021.

This super sleek kick retails for around $100 in most retail box and online site stores.

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