November 25, 2022

For over 30 years now, the Air Jordan 1 has been making a name for itself on basketball courts, in skate parks, on boardwalks, and at just about any sort of activity one can imagine.

There is an iconic quality about this shoe that's hard to beat.

Air Jordan 1 Mid Pastel Black Toe (GS)

First of all, the Air Jordan 1 is functional.

From the beginning, those who design the Air Jordan 1 sneakers have understood that - no matter how cool or eclectic a shoe is - it has to be able to perform on the court, the field, or the trail as well.

Air Jordan 1 sneakers now come in three different styles...

The Air Jordan 1 low is perfect for running, walking, and everyday use. The low profile allows the wearer to have plenty of flexibility and movement in their ankle and foot, while also providing enough support for when it's necessary.

Take a look at Air Jordan 1 Mid Pastel Black Toe (GS)

Air Jordan 1 Mid Pastel Black Toe (GS)
The Air Jordan 1 mid is a great sneaker for when your activity calls for a bit more stability, but you don't want so much support that it feels constricting to your foot and/or ankle.

Then there's the Air Jordan 1 high. As the original basketball sneaker worn by Michael Jordan himself, the high is the sneaker of choice when stability is of the utmost importance, and you need your ankles to be heavily supported.

All three of these Air Jordan 1 sneakers have continued to provide high performance and functionality to those who wear them.

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But the Air Jordan 1 kicks are fashionable as well!

No one can deny that part of the appeal of Air Jordan 1 kicks continues to be that - not only are they high-performance and functional sneakers - they are also just plain cool to wear and look at!

Somehow, Nike continues to focus on small details that make each new Air Jordan 1 release date even more exciting than the last.

And Nike Air Jordan 1 kicks are not just cool for the older crowd!

There's so much to love about the Air Jordan 1 Mid GS sneakers as well!

For the up-and-coming trend-setters, Nike's Air Jordan 1 sneakers keep delivering them a product that is centered around their interests and what's important to them.

Air Jordan 1 Mid GS “Paint Drip”

One stand-out Air Jordan 1 sneaker is the Air Jordan 1 Mid GS.

This Air Jordan 1 is a unique line that is being marketed to grade school girls who want a high-performance sneaker, but also wants it to look cool at the same time.

Take, for example, the super popular (and super fun!) Air Jordan 1 Mid GS “Paint Drip” kicks that had a release date of April 2021.

This shoe is amazing, in large part thanks to the unique marking techniques that Nike used on this shoe.

Take a look at  Air Jordan 1 Mid GS “Paint Drip”

First, Nike designers started with the basic white leather base, then added an arctic punch, pale vanilla, and green glow colorway to the palette.

Air Jordan 1 Mid GS “Paint Drip”

Not only does the vibrant green glow color seem to "drip" off the Nike trademark swoosh, but the arctic punch color looks like it's dripping off the heel as well.

The pale vanilla color sets off the collar as well as adds some nice texture right below the collar as well.

These shoes come in grade school sizing and will definitely liven up any young girl's spring or summer wardrobe.

With a pair of kicks like these, any girl better be set to suddenly start getting a lot of questions about where she got her fashion style and how she found such an incredibly cool pair of Air Jordan 1 Mid Kicks!

If you want to get your hands on a pair of the Air Jordan 1 Mid GS Paint Drip kicks a pair of Air Jordan 1 Mid Linen - or any other pair of Air Jordan 1 Mid GS sneakers, come check out all the styles at Mad Kicks online store.

check out the Air Jordan 1 Mid Ice Blue (GS)

Air Jordan 1 Mid Ice Blue (GS)
We will always have the latest release dates for all of your favorite Air Jordan 1 sneakers and can set you up with the kick that will best meet your needs and fit your personality.

Whether you're looking for an Air Jordan 1 low, mid or high...let Mad Kicks help you release your inner creative side.

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