May 20, 2024

Experience an exhilarating water adventure with Saudi Arabia's first world-record-breaking water park, set to open in 2025.  

A Vision Of Success

The year 2030 holds substantial importance for Saudi Arabia and it all falls back to the government program, Vision 2030. The Vision is a comprehensive initiative designed to advance the nation's economy, with a key focus on boosting its tourism sector. One of the biggest projects that we’ve all heard of being utilized for this ambitious program is none other than The Line a linear, self-sustaining city run by robots that aims to host over 9 million citizens within its high walls. It's truly mind-boggling, isn't it? Now, imagine channeling that same level of innovation and creativity into something on a slightly smaller scale that makes for the perfect summer pastime: a water park!

The Entertainment Hub

On the outskirts of Riyadh lies the city of Qiddiya, Saudi Arabia’s capital destination and number one tourist attraction, where the possibilities are endless. Developed in 2017, this city’s charm lies in its numerous interactive attractions that garner heaps of tourists annually. In fact, Qiddiya is expected to be one of the leading factors in the success of Saudi’s Vision 2030. Gaming and eSports, amusement parks, and cultural hubs are all that make this city a testament to Saudi Arabia's steadfast dedication to continuous innovation and evolution.  However, there's always been a crucial component missing from this wondrous puzzle, one that was only recently uncovered.


Qiddiya has recently unveiled its most recent and highly anticipated addition: Aquaarabia. Set to open in 2025, this megaproject is not only the kingdom’s first water park but is also going to be the biggest to hit the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is known for always going above and beyond when it comes to any of their projects – Aquaarabia is no exception to this rule. Spanning 250,000 square meters, this water park will host 22 rides, five of which are going to break world records.

Get ready for an adrenaline-packed experience with four incredible attractions at Aquarabia Water Park. You won't want to miss Junoon Drop, the world's tallest water coaster, or Speedy Jamezales, the highest drop body slide. Take a plunge down Slithereel, the longest water slide, or race your friends on Jamal Joom, the longest mat racer.

It doesn’t just stop there! Apart from the exhilarating, record-breaking rides, Aquaarabia offers many never-before-seen attractions that will leave you completely in awe. Some of the exciting additions include a mix of wet and dry rides, an underwater adventure ride featuring fully submersible vehicles, and, for animal lovers, designated interactive areas that will allow you to connect with your favorite local animals.

Last but not least, water sports. Yep, you heard that right! Aquarabia is so huge that it has the capacity to host water sports. The dedicated area will provide opportunities for rafting, kayaking, canyoneering, solo climbing, cliff jumping, and, most importantly, Saudi’s first ever surfing pool. Whether you’re an active participant or a passive watcher, it’ll definitely be an experience worth having!