January 15, 2024

If you’re struggling to blend into the world of fashion then worry no more, Mad Kicks KSA is here to provide a brief overview of 2023 worthy collectables.


The Navy Blue Midnight colour branding offers peak of sophistication with adaptability that will gravitate you towards these sneakers easily. ON Cloud Running 5 offers a minimalist design with functionality. The ON sneakers serves diversity by being easy to pair with almost any outfit of your choice. ON Running Cloud 5 Waterproof Midnight Magnet proves to be resourceful as it can be worn easily in rain or shine, so you can never go wrong with this intentional purchase. You'll be feeling a boost of energy return each time you take a run outside. It's time-saving as it slides on and off in a pinch plus offers a breathable mesh which ensures wearability all year around. Below are the main outcasting features of these running shoes:

Reflective Patterns
Cloud Technology Construction
Elastic Quick Lacing System
Recycled Materials Usage
Waterproof Flexible Mesh
Epic Lockdown
Zero Gravity Foam 

Whether it's a wide-ranging lifestyle choice or you require athletic footwear the ON Running Cloud 5 Waterproof would be rocking immensely.


Swatch X Omega with their philosophies about stars and planets is widely visualized in their launches. Let's get into the minor details of the Omega × Swatch launch incorporating the dwarf planet, Pluto. A chronograph showing km/hr runs along the bezel of the watch, resulting in a fast-forward fun way to know the average speed you're driving. The chronograph second hand and sub-dials are black complementing the beige second sub-dial hand. A mindful diversion is seen with the burgundy tones on the counter and tachometer. The iconic Omega with Swatch branding along with legendary Speedmaster and Moonswatch logos are imprinted with the counters. This 30-gram lightweight watch owns a greyish contrasting velcro strap customizable to your wrist dimensions. It is made of a light grey almost white colourway, with beige acrylic, slightly domed dial. Adding a little spark to the collection by incorporating a minor "S" in the centre towards the dial. The back side has the "Mission To Pluto" sticker, with some encouraging lines. The bioceramic case which is a third of ceramics with one-third of castor oil adds innovation. 


You must have seen many popular influencers wearing trendy attires with the eye-catching Adidas Sambas, they were probably the most popular ones the past year. Adidas have been pretty low profile, they were originally made to play soccer on icy surfaces due to their rubber outsole grip. These shoes have a pretty narrow mid-foot area which is visually distinctive giving a great lockdown. Adidas Samba OG have a shorter tongue with the Adidas logo. The front portion is made from a suede fabric while the base of the shoe is wrapped in a wonder beige luxurious leather outerwear separating the two shades and textures perfectly. The crippled chalk white stripes add a classic touch matching the heel tabs. The aluminum gum sole is probably the distinctive feature of these sneakers along with the "SAMBA" embellishment in a bar of sparkling gold.

Samba's scream cool, artsy yet original. These classic signature pieces are a worthy collectable and look perfect with all colour combinations.


Unlike Adidas Samba's the Adidas Gazelle is wider in the mid-foot and toe box making it fit differently for people with wider feet offering versatility. Gazelle's were the first prominent shoes to have an upper suede and were specifically designed to play handball. Adidas Gazelle's Indoor Black has an angled, shorter toe box covered with a 360° black textile leather suede. The historic three crippled stripes are in a distinctive light yellow colour followed by the same colour blocking on heel tabs making a perfect contrast. The embossed shiny tongue can't be ignored, featuring the Adidas logo in gold. The gum rubber sole remains to offer durability, practicality and comfort.

The Adidas Gazelle are a true classic, incorporating different textures and colour palettes finding a place to stand with your chromatic tastes.


A simple silhouette, with a dusty beige colorway the Fear Of God Essential, is a minimalist find. The round, close-fitting collar does not fold over adding a simple yet elegant look. Being so homely and cozy yet being on trend is a must-have to your collection. You can get an oversized one or stay true to your size but still look flawless. Offering the branding in a semi-circular "ESSENTIAL" along with "FEAR OF GOD" imprinted in an undeviated line. It also comes with an elastic waist and hand band to hug your body beautifully giving a chic sophisticated look.

Whether you're a go-to person or lazy the Fear of God Essential Crewneck would feel like a blanket with adapting sophistication.

If you're looking for some statement finds, footwear or simply to step up your style game. Then this is the right place, Mad Kicks KSA functioning at Riyadh is a comprehensive hub for all your contemporary finds!