October 21, 2022

When Virgil Abloh and Nike first decided to collaborate on a new sneaker, no one knew what was going to come out of this relationship.

But what resulted took the world of fashion by storm.

And guess what?

It was functional, too.

Thanks to a partnership by an amazing artist and an iconic brand, Virgil Abloh and Nike have created and given us the latest Nike Dunk Low sneaker that is going to be a joy to own and wear - the Nike Dunk Low Off-White Lot 27.

Nike Dunk Low Off-white
Nike Dunk Low Off-white

Nike Dunk Lows have always been synonymous with fun and functionality, but this off-white lot is pretty exceptional.

As the creative designer at Louis Vuitton for years, Virgil Abloh quickly figured out how to integrate a sporty structure with a true style very quickly when he was asked to design the latest off white Nike Dunk.

Though Nike Dunk Lows have always been synonymous with fashion and functionality, Abloh took the off white Nike Dunk Low Lot to a whole new level when he began to integrate things like the flywire overlace, off-white colorways that hadn't been seen before, zip tie designs, and a neutral base that serves as almost an artistic canvas for whatever this iconic designer may come up with next.

And - to make these Nike Dunk Low kicks even more iconic and interesting?

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This off-white Nike Dunk Low lot is individually numbered as this is a very limited edition of a very special shoe.
Nike Dunk Low Off-white

If you are interested in a pair of these Nike Dunk Off White Lot sneakers, it's best you don't delay.

Nike Dunk Low Off-white

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