March 31, 2024

In a world where ordinary designs dominate, the Adidas Yeezy Foam RNR has superseded all the social norms of what a shoe is expected to look like. This dystopian looking sneaker is one of the final drops to come after the end of a revolutionary collaboration. With its futuristic silhouette, the MX Cinder Foam RNR will definitely have many heads turning feet first. 

Minimalism Elevated 

When Kanye West, the popular American rapper and fashion enthusiast, pitched the idea of Yeezy to Adidas, they were immediately intrigued. His vision was an unusual one; a shoe that has a sleek minimalistic look dressed in quiet, neutral colorways. At a time when complicated and colorful shoes were all the hype, Adidas’s Yeezy stood out with its simplistic look from the loud, chaotic crowd. Unsurprisingly, the combination between the big names associated with the brand, and the distinctive look of the sneaker was a recipe for success.

Clouds For Feet 

After half a decade of its collaboration with Adidas and many successful releases, the American brand decided to release a more elevated version of the classic running sneaker. The Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner dropped in 2020 after high anticipation from awaiting fans and sneaker lovers alike. However, the sneaker garnered much debate amongst fashion enthusiasts. Initially, the silhouette and its practicality were put into question. However, customers found that in spite of the peculiar design, the sneaker’s functionality was not compromised whatsoever. In fact, if you find yourself wanting to wear these sneakers leisurely at home, you would not be the only one. Because, although these shoes were made with running in mind, many have decided to categorize them in leisurewear. That is not to say that their running utility wavered at any rate. 

Dark Tie-dye

It goes without saying that this sneaker is unlike any other. With its many holes and odd silhouette, one might question its nature, and mistake it for an obscure sculpture over a sneaker. The recently dropped colorway of the Foam RNR in MX Cinder is an interesting divergence from the usual look, the sneaker is dressed in an interesting blend of muted colors as opposed to the regular solid color. The base includes a mixture of black and gray, while brown and blue hues dominate the front and back, respectively. No two patterns are alike as this colorway does not follow a set formula. Ultimately, you are guaranteed a one-of-a-kind shoe like no other.