December 26, 2023

If you’re a fan of kicks you would surely be aware of the Jordan Nike shoes. These shoes set a bench back for competitors ensuring quality, durability, comfort and hard-wearing.

With the mind-boggling marketing strategies to teamwork and determination, Nike just didn’t miss a chance to stand at Number 1 and hence we see that the Air Jordan and Nike relationship is unmatched and has won the hearts of the true sneaker enthusiast. 

Ties between Jordan and Nike:

It wasn’t easy to get the emerging Michael Jordan on board for the new collaboration with Nike. Dated back to 1984, Michael Jordan's star potential was obvious. The young NBA rookie was hard to please and he wanted more than just comfort from the shoes. However the creative director at Nike, Peter Moore was able to design a pair of sneakers that captured his heart along with many aficionados all around the globe. 

Raising temperatures for fans and opponents:

Michael when wore the Air Jordan 1 had air cushion technology, padded ankles, the brainstormed winged logo and the epic color combination that it offered provoked an unforeseen fate. He was charged breaching with the NBA sneaker regulations and a penalty of $5000 was given each time he showed up with Jordan on the hardwood. 

Creative outreach strategies:

Nike’s remarkable promotional schemes and innovative advertising tactics fascinated diverse age demographics. They were not afraid to take risks and made the most out of the “Banned Air Jordan". Hence the unexpected happened and the Jordan Nike Shoes drew more eyes and gained a sale of groundbreaking records. This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why Jordan, aside from his historic athletic achievements, NBA Championships and Olympic wins, is considered the greatest of all time. Jordan and his classic shoe represent a cultural and sociological tipping point in society that was so needed in 1984 and even today.

Striking Collabs and Trademark logos:

Starting from the winged logo to the iconic Jump Man logo, featuring a silhouette of Michael Jordan in mid-air, has been a consistent and distinctive element across various Air Jordan models. It symbolizes the brand's association with basketball legend Michael Jordan and is a hallmark of the Air Jordan line. Nike's collaborations with the Air Jordan line have produced numerous iconic and sought-after releases. Some of the famous collaborations are with Travis Scott, Dior, Hiroshi Fujiwara's Fragment design and Virgil Abloh.

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