June 10, 2024

With their timeless design and exceptional durability, Birkenstock shoes will effortlessly complete any outfit, no matter the season.

If one had to choose a brand that experienced the biggest glow-up in terms of public perception, it would be without a doubt Birkenstock. In the span of a couple of months, the brand’s shoes went from being orthopedic sandals worn by older people due to their outstanding comfort to becoming one of the trendiest shoes to ever hit the market. This naturally imposes the question: What makes them so special? And what is the reason behind their sudden rise to fame?

Since the very beginning, Birkenstock's outstanding commitment to comfort and function has been unlike any other. Ever since the brand was established over two centuries ago in a little town in Germany, Birkenstock has been committed to crafting footwear that promises functionality and comfort like no other. Even today, 250 years later, the brand’s quality never wavered even for a second; if anything, Birkenstock footwear is only getting better and sturdier by the year. Now this is a surprise change from your typical brand that lowers the quality of the product in order to meet the high demand. Not Birkenstock, though.

Antithesis of Fashion

The general consensus about them being “unflattering” definitely experienced a 180-degree change within the past 5 years. As people became more comfortable with expressing themselves and not afraid to experiment with “unconventional” items, Birkenstock instantly became a fashion trend. The recent trend of ‘embracing the ugly’ definitely helped boost these orthopedic shoes to become a symbol of high fashion and ultimate style.

Today, it seems like Birkenstocks are just about everywhere. It’s because they just work so well on so many different levels. Whether you’re running a quick errand and needing something to quickly slip on or wanting to feel comfortable all day at work (in a casual setting, of course), Birkenstocks fit the bill. Not only can you wear them everywhere, but you can also wear them with absolutely anything, and it’ll just work. A summer dress? Check. Jeans and a top? Check. Formal wear? Check. The slim silhouette of Birkenstock’s makes them so incredibly versatile.

Beat The Heat

Whoever wants to wear sweaty shoes this summer? Jump on the train wagon and coop yourself a pair of Birkenstocks that will keep your feet dry and airy all day long. Let’s talk about summer vacations. While out on holiday, you barely have time to go back to the hotel and switch outfits to suit your daily endeavors.

Vacations are restless; you may go from hitting the beach in the morning to exploring the town in the afternoon to having dinner at a fancy restaurant in the evening. This will certainly leave you with the difficult decision of choosing between a pair of comfortable shoes perfect for wandering around and dinner (not so much the beach) or a pair of sandals that are ideal for wearing anywhere but the beach. Thankfully, Birkenstock offers the ultimate solution to all your problems by combining both style and comfort. With the unmatched way that Birkenstock flats perfectly mold onto your feet, there is no way you can hate them. After a couple of wears, it’ll feel as though they should permanently belong on your feet —A feeling of true bliss.

From B to Z

You’ve undeniably heard of the Birkenstock Boston in recent times. Since the onset of the pandemic, these clogs have been seen on absolutely everyone’s feet. Unlike the many shoes that trended over that period, The Boston has transcended the trend cycles that typically last no more than 6 months. This falls back to the fact that it is the kind of sandal you will find yourself unknowingly gravitating towards time and time again. They are just that easy. You can especially never go wrong with pairing it with some socks during the fall and winter seasons.

When it comes to the Arizona, it is considered the Birkenstock that started it all. Despite the fact that it was released over 50 years ago, it has never, for a single day, gone out of style, making it the very definition of timeless. The open-toed, two-strap sandal is Birkenstock’s blueprint and the epitome of practical yet stylish footwear.

Although the Boston and the Arizona are considered two opposites in the fact that the former is a closed-toe winter staple and the latter is an open-toe summer essential, both sandals have a clear purpose in mind: to ensure that people are able to walk just as nature intended, with absolute comfort and stability.

Mad Kicks

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