March 26, 2024

The Maison Mihara Yasuhiro Peterson OG Sole Canvas elevates the everyday sneaker with an unconventional and creatively altered style. They're famous for using weird stuff and making old-looking shoes that tell a story. Also, they don't care much about whether shoes are for guys or girls, they just make trendy shoes for everyone.

Trend Report:

They reached out to public in two colour options namely Mihara Yasuhiro Peterson OG Sole Canvas Low Black and Mihara Yasuhiro Peterson OG Sole Canvas Low White on June 1st, 2022. An interesting fact is that the original sole was created by Mihara modelled by hand using clay. Let’s explore the insights and uncover the Japanese fashion artist's vision. 


Cool Creativity:

Inspired by the Converse/Vans, the designer's take on this offers a reconstructed almost like deformed type sole. This thick, melted-looking sole sparks the interest of several consumers.  The top part is made of light canvas and the sole is big, making them comfortable. Imagine it as basic but lavish at the same time.

Unboxing experience:

The toe box on these canvas design shoes has a very nice soft gum feel, it's very plushy and rubbery which is very pleasing to the touch. These canvas design shoes come with really beautiful, extremely padded and voluminous yarn laces that you don't see that much anymore. The tongue is very thin making it a great summer fit incorporated with beautiful YYM branding and some inspirational quotes in hints of red, perfect to kick start your day. The defining feature of Low White is the inclusion of black piping that runs along the sides of the body, creating an accentuating feature.

Moving towards the bottom of the shoe you're going to observe a beautiful signature kind of triangle webbing, with that nice kind of layered rubber deconstructed. For reference, imagine if glue was set on fire and it undergoes melting that's exactly how the sole of the shoe was meant to look. On the back, the Maison Mihara logo is engraved. These shoes are the perfect pair being wide on feet and yet cozy.


Unsure About Which Color to Choose?

While white sneakers with a white foundation are popular in the spring and summer, black is a versatile option for everyday wear. Adding white sneakers to your outfit brings brightness to your entire style, so it's highly suggested for the fall and winter seasons when darker tones are widespread.


Style-wear Opinions:

For those who may feel uncertain, both Low Black and Low White colour options are suggested as a dependable option when experimenting for the first time. You can picture wearing them with light blue ripped jeans, a neat flannel baseball hat and some cool extras. NO NEED TO WORRY NOW as it will stand out from any casual denim to coordinated set. 

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