May 28, 2024

Within the past couple of years, the title of the hottest sneaker has constantly rotated among Adidas’ power trio: Samba, Gazelle, and Campus, and for good reason. You’ve surely heard of these iconic trainers at one point or another since they seem to be just about everywhere. Their slim and muted silhouettes make them versatile enough to complement any outfit, yet with their absolute abundance, it is finally time for a change—we're ready to rock something new!

A Diamond In The Rough  

Introducing the Adidas Spezial, the second-to-last of the dynamic quartet. Despite its relatively recent release in 1979, it may appear as though the Spezial is an outcast amongst its fellow trainers. This falls back to the fact that the Speziel was made to cater towards a somewhat unpopular sport, hence its lack of significant public attention. Unlike the Sambas and the Gazelles, which were famously made with football in mind, or the Campus, which was made for basketball, the Adidas Spezial is artistically crafted with handball in mind. While it was crafted with a specific function in mind, rest assured, you need not be a handball player to effortlessly flaunt this luxurious silhouette. In fact, feel free to wear it wherever and for whatever purpose suits your fancy.

The fact that the silhouette of the Spezial is nearly identical to the Sambas (minus the blisters) makes them perfect for everyday wear, as they can go with absolutely anything. However, since they are still somewhat of a hidden gem among fashion enthusiasts, you can find them just about everywhere at a very reasonable price. Say goodbye to the time when you had to browse for weeks and months on end for that trendy pair of sneakers typically sold out everywhere in your preferred color, size, and style. With the Spezial sneaker, it’s all just so easy!

Limitless Features 

Let’s take a closer look at this outstanding offering and all that it brings to the table, starting off with a clear breakdown of its key components. Having been made with a high-impact sport in mind, the Adidas Spezial was made to be especially strong and sturdy in order to keep them from wearing or tearing, effectively, withstanding the effects of time. When it comes to the material, the Adidas Spezial is composed of a luxurious suede upper, which allows it to hug your feet ever so tightly; you’ll even feel as though it’s perfectly molding to the shape of your feet — an experience of security unlike any other. In addition, the Adidas Spezial also offers a great deal of comfort resulting from the plush cushioning bound to keep your feet happy all day long. To top things off, for your rainy days out or slippery expeditions, the gum sole is significantly thickened in order to provide excellent grip and traction.

In spite of all of its amazing features, the Adidas Spezial offers so much more than just excellent functionality; It is also the ultimate fashion piece to add to your sneaker collection. If you want to hop on the retro sneaker train without looking too trendy, then these kicks are the perfect fit for you, especially if you’re looking to add some edge to your style.

Explore the wide variety of colorways that the Adidas Spezial has to offer. For your basic everyday fits, you can go for the Aluminum Core Black or the Black Gum colorways. Both of which will blend seamlessly and effortlessly into all of your outfits. However, if you’re looking to add a touch of flair that will turn heads, then you had better check out the Bright Red Clear Pink and the Black Yellow which are the ideal matches tailored to your needs.

Mad Kicks 

If you’re on the hunt to incorporate a vintage, authentic touch to your wardrobe, then the Adidas Spezial is the perfect choice for you. Whether you’re on the field or out on the streets, you can become a pioneer and an OG in streetwear before this sneaker is inevitably seen on everyone’s feet in a couple of months. You can find your perfect pair of Spezial through your one-stop destination for all things streetwear, Mad Kicks.