October 25, 2023

With a sleek design and various colorways, this shoe brings together the best of New Balance's history and its latest ideas.

A Look Back at New Balance's Past 

The RAIN CLOUD GREY is inspired by the early 2000s when New Balance made waves in the running scene with its innovative technology and performance. The shoe's nylon and porcupine skin leather covering gives it a luxurious look and feel. The basic style is enhanced by silver embellishments on the side “N” symbol. The medial logo is deconstructed with parallel lines, while the lateral logo is solid, generating contrast.

New Balance Shoes: Admire Your Inner Fashionista

The NEW BALANCE RAIN CLOUD GREY has a color scheme that can match any outfit and any occasion. The shoe has tones of grey and off-white, creating a neutral and elegant look. The red midsole adds a touch of energy and excitement to the shoe, making it stand out from the crowd. 

Celebrities and Influencers alike Favor New Balance.

Many celebrities and influencers have been spotted wearing this shoe, showing off their style and personality. For example, you can see how soccer coach Jürgen Klopp rocks the shoe with jeans and a jacket, giving it a casual and cool vibe. You can also see how model Kaia Gerber pairs the shoe with a dress and a coat, creating a chic and feminine look.

What New Balance Wants You to Know?

New Balance shoes has always been a brand that celebrates individuality, courage, and independence. The brand’s slogan is “Fearlessly Independent Since 1906”, which reflects its history, philosophy and values. New Balance is proud to be a family-owned company that produces quality products with hand-picked materials in the USA and UK.

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