July 25, 2023
Rarely do we find a product that truly feels like it’s out of this world. 

And even more rare is finding a collaboration with two powerhouses that know how to give us an experience that feels as cosmic as this one does.

Introducing the Swatch X Omega Mission to Uranus!

The Swatch X Omega Mission to Uranus is a watch that seems to break all the rules and transcend all the boundaries of time and space, all while proving that there is still room for something new and unique in the watch world.

  • Are you looking to add a timepiece to your collection that is as gorgeous as it is glorious?
  • Do you want a watch that makes a statement and provokes conversation at the same time?
  • Are you a fan of never letting creativity be compromised for high quality?

    Then it’s time you check out the Swatch X Omega Mission to Uranus.

    The Story Behind the Story: How Did the Swatch X Omega Mission to Uranus Come to Be?

    The Swatch X Omega Mission to Uranus is not just a collaboration born out of chance, but a meticulously crafted union of two legendary brands who came up with a pretty legendary concept.

    Delving into the story behind this captivating venture, we uncover the fascinating origins of the Swatch X Omega Mission to Uranus.

    It Started With a Partnership

    The Swatch X Omega Mission to Uranus was born from a partnership created by two well-known and well-loved watch brands, Swatch and Omega.

    Though these two sister companies are owned by the same company – The Swatch Group’s parent company, they had never come together on a collaboration of this magnitude before.

    In March of 2022, it was announced that the partnership between Swatch and Omega had produced a new line of eleven watches that would be called the Swatch X Omega Bioceramic Moonswatches.

    This unique collection had been inspired by the already popular Speedmaster Moonwatch that Omega had previously created.

    Each of the watches honors the structural details of the Speedmaster Moonwatch, while also finding their own identity in the colors that align with their particular planetary names.

    The Moonswatch Mission to the Sun is mainly yellow, while the Moonswatch Mission to Neptune is a deep, dark blue similar to the planet for which it’s named.

    With such a creative twist on the original design, the Swatch X Omega Moonswatch watches will find their place in a long line of coveted timepieces, while also finding their own identity and fan base at the same time.


    The Swatch X Omega Mission to Uranus: A Pale Blue Beauty and a Perfect Watch

    Though all of the Swatch X Omega Moonswatch watches are something to add to any collection, the Mission to Uranus is particularly special.

    Touting a color that can only be compared to the iconic Tiffany Blue, this beauty feels as though it literally has come from another planet.

    The watch boasts a creamy white velcro strap that matches the outer finishes of the watch, giving off vibes of something that is definitely special.

    It also features quartz movement and white hands, with the Swatch and Omega logo subtly located on the dials.



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