February 02, 2024

Is there a pair of sneakers in your childhood that was simple and minimalist, that later blew up becoming a super fashionable iconic sneaker?

Suddenly when you look around you see everyone copying that pair, as some celebrity rocked them. adidas Samba has long outgrown its original identity as an indoor football shoe and is now well-appreciated in all kinds of settings.

Mad Kicks Samba

Snapshot of the Past:
The name is extracted from the popular Brazilian genre of music "Samba". Adidas was designed in the late 1940s specifically for football with an innovative rubber sole that could improve traction on icy surfaces. It also made its way to skateboarders due to its grippy sole, durable upper padded leather, reinforced T-toe and understated aesthetic.

Standout Characteristic of Samba’s:
Suction cup-like concave bubbles have been primarily present in all Adidas Samba models making it a point of appeal and a distinctive trait.

The most sought-after collaboration was of Wales Bonner on Samba Silhouette on the pony core black colorway. It was released in the November of 2023 thrilling the audience. Wales is known for combining elements of sportswear and tailoring in her designs, demonstrating a keen interest in elevating everyday wardrobe staples with a touch of refined sophistication.

Highlights of Pony Tonal Wales Bonner Core Black:
It consists of high-quality smooth black leather on the toe box heading to the soft pony hair towards the middle, in a contrasting black tone. The Adidas Samba sneakers is infused in a premium leather suede texture on the tongue with a monochromatic cream colour story matching the laces just perfectly. The top black stitching on the tongue just ties the strings together with the aesthetics of this sneaker. The eyelets are composed of a luxurious gold hue with sparkles, drawing your eyes extensively. The lace tips mark Wales Bonner giving an intricate detailing. On the outside flap of the large tongue flap, we see the dual branding of Wales Bonner just underneath the Adidas logo matching with the interiors. Moving toward the side paneling we can observe a contrasting cream colour three stripes with a velvety soft black suede. The sneaker then completes itself with an exquisite translucent rubber bottom. Being a core black colorway its easy to reach everyone's wish list. 

This collaboration also comes in cream and a leopard print colour palette to step up your game of fashion exponentially.

Along with this we also have the Adidas Samba OG Aluminum Gum (Women's) which is a blend of timeless to contemporary. The exteriors are wrapped in a deluxe beige suede complementing the white crippled three stripes of the classic sneaker. There is a pop of gold colour towards the lateral side which has "SAMBA" imprints. The Aluminum gum rubber sole ties everything together if you're looking for a straightforward pair then these are surely the ones for you.

Samba now blows up the mind by incorporating and bending so well with different subcultures, living up to the hype. All these combination of textures and materials gives it a designer feel embracing sophistication and elegance to this supreme footwear which we can never go wrong with!

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