Prepare for the Summer’s Hottest Race: AlUla Desert Blaze Summer Marathon

Don't Miss Out! AlUla revives the Desert Blaze Summer Marathon once again, igniting excitement amongst athletes from all around the world after last year's thrilling race.

Amid the Rocky Mountains of the al-Hijaz region sits this mysterious valley that, until recently, was completely closed off and unexplored. AlUla is the sparkling retreat in the middle of the blazing desert of Saudi Arabia, which, over the past couple of years, has exponentially gained the favor of residents and tourists alike. With its rich heritage and alluring natural scenery often mistaken for the surface of Mars, the charm of this city is unlike any other. 

The Ultimate Challenge

Today, AlUla boasts a plethora of tourist attractions that captivate visitors from around the globe. From exploring its natural wonders to lounging in the most premium resorts, this charming city has it all. However, it is important to note that AlUla is much more than just the ideal vacation spot—it's also the location of the Desert Blaze Summer Marathon, the hottest marathon in the Middle East this summer (quite literally). The Desert Blaze Summer Marathon is set to take place in August, right when the scorching heat of Saudi Arabia's deserts is at its peak.

This strenuous endurance marathon, the first of its kind in the GCC, takes you on a wondrous journey like no other. Participants will traverse the ancient landscapes of Hegra, Saudi Arabia's first UNESCO World Heritage Site, marveling at its historic monuments. The route also features the spectacular Maraya, the world's largest mirrored building, reflecting the stunning beauty of the desert surroundings. This marathon promises an unparalleled experience, blending athletic challenge with cultural and architectural wonders.

Desert Sprint

Depending on your athletic abilities, you can choose between four distances. If you’re a beginner, you have the option to go for either the 5Km or the 10Km race. However, if you’re an advanced athlete, then the 21Km (half marathon) and 42Km (full marathon) are the way to go. As for the requirements, everyone is welcome to participate as long as you’re over the age of 16.

In spite of its immense popularity, the Kingdom's hottest marathon is still relatively new. It first took place last year, in 2023. However, despite its neoteric nature, more than 200 athletes from over 39 countries competed in last year’s marathon for the winning prize of SR110,000. It is certainly not an easy race to win. Not only does it test your athletic abilities, but also your endurance in the sweltering heat of AlUla.

A Safe Win

Of course, your safety always comes first. The organizers appreciate that this marathon is mentally and physically taxing considering the blazing temperatures of the deserts of Saudi Arabia. Hence, runners can expect plenty of medical support at numerous stations across the marathon route. Hydration is crucial for such an intense event, and given that the race spans over 8 hours, aid stations will be available every 5 kilometers, stocked with water, ice buckets, gels, fruits, and snacks.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to lace up your running shoes and start training. The Desert Blaze Summer Marathon is not just any race; it’s a journey through some of Saudi Arabia's most breathtaking landscapes. If you’re ready to be challenged both mentally and physically, then now is the time to begin your preparation. The challenge awaits—are you up for it?

يونيو 21, 2024
From Hippie Roots to Chic Persuits: The Rise of Birkenstock in High Fashion

With their timeless design and exceptional durability, Birkenstock shoes will effortlessly complete any outfit, no matter the season.

If one had to choose a brand that experienced the biggest glow-up in terms of public perception, it would be without a doubt Birkenstock. In the span of a couple of months, the brand’s shoes went from being orthopedic sandals worn by older people due to their outstanding comfort to becoming one of the trendiest shoes to ever hit the market. This naturally imposes the question: What makes them so special? And what is the reason behind their sudden rise to fame?

Since the very beginning, Birkenstock's outstanding commitment to comfort and function has been unlike any other. Ever since the brand was established over two centuries ago in a little town in Germany, Birkenstock has been committed to crafting footwear that promises functionality and comfort like no other. Even today, 250 years later, the brand’s quality never wavered even for a second; if anything, Birkenstock footwear is only getting better and sturdier by the year. Now this is a surprise change from your typical brand that lowers the quality of the product in order to meet the high demand. Not Birkenstock, though.

Antithesis of Fashion

The general consensus about them being “unflattering” definitely experienced a 180-degree change within the past 5 years. As people became more comfortable with expressing themselves and not afraid to experiment with “unconventional” items, Birkenstock instantly became a fashion trend. The recent trend of ‘embracing the ugly’ definitely helped boost these orthopedic shoes to become a symbol of high fashion and ultimate style.

Today, it seems like Birkenstocks are just about everywhere. It’s because they just work so well on so many different levels. Whether you’re running a quick errand and needing something to quickly slip on or wanting to feel comfortable all day at work (in a casual setting, of course), Birkenstocks fit the bill. Not only can you wear them everywhere, but you can also wear them with absolutely anything, and it’ll just work. A summer dress? Check. Jeans and a top? Check. Formal wear? Check. The slim silhouette of Birkenstock’s makes them so incredibly versatile.

Beat The Heat

Whoever wants to wear sweaty shoes this summer? Jump on the train wagon and coop yourself a pair of Birkenstocks that will keep your feet dry and airy all day long. Let’s talk about summer vacations. While out on holiday, you barely have time to go back to the hotel and switch outfits to suit your daily endeavors.

Vacations are restless; you may go from hitting the beach in the morning to exploring the town in the afternoon to having dinner at a fancy restaurant in the evening. This will certainly leave you with the difficult decision of choosing between a pair of comfortable shoes perfect for wandering around and dinner (not so much the beach) or a pair of sandals that are ideal for wearing anywhere but the beach. Thankfully, Birkenstock offers the ultimate solution to all your problems by combining both style and comfort. With the unmatched way that Birkenstock flats perfectly mold onto your feet, there is no way you can hate them. After a couple of wears, it’ll feel as though they should permanently belong on your feet —A feeling of true bliss.

From B to Z

You’ve undeniably heard of the Birkenstock Boston in recent times. Since the onset of the pandemic, these clogs have been seen on absolutely everyone’s feet. Unlike the many shoes that trended over that period, The Boston has transcended the trend cycles that typically last no more than 6 months. This falls back to the fact that it is the kind of sandal you will find yourself unknowingly gravitating towards time and time again. They are just that easy. You can especially never go wrong with pairing it with some socks during the fall and winter seasons.

When it comes to the Arizona, it is considered the Birkenstock that started it all. Despite the fact that it was released over 50 years ago, it has never, for a single day, gone out of style, making it the very definition of timeless. The open-toed, two-strap sandal is Birkenstock’s blueprint and the epitome of practical yet stylish footwear.

Although the Boston and the Arizona are considered two opposites in the fact that the former is a closed-toe winter staple and the latter is an open-toe summer essential, both sandals have a clear purpose in mind: to ensure that people are able to walk just as nature intended, with absolute comfort and stability.

Mad Kicks

Say goodbye to foot pain with Birkenstock and experience a whole new world of unmatched comfort and style. Fetch yourself a pair of these sandals that will last you a lifetime through your one-stop destination for everything footwear,  Mad Kicks.

يونيو 10, 2024
Welcoming a Digital Future: Saudi Arabia to Host the First Edition of the eSports World Cup This Summer

The world's largest and first eSports World Cup is taking place in Riyadh this summer, and it’s bringing a grand winning prize along with it. 

USD 60 million. That is how much you could win if you decide to take part in the inaugural Esports World Cup hosted in Saudi Arabia this summer. Not only is the tournament providing the largest prize money to date, nor is it only hosting 2,500 players, the largest number of participants in eSports history, but it is also in itself the world’s first eSports world cup. Saudi Arabia certainly doesn’t shy away from extravagance.

Hosted in Riyadh, Saudi’s capital, the event is set to last for over a month, spanning from July 2nd all the way to the 25th of August. The inaugural Esports World Cup will welcome teams and clubs from all around the globe to compete in 19 eSports games, including but not limited to: League of Legends, Overwatch, Fortnite, DOTA 2, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Street Fighter, Teamfight Tactics, Starcraft, Rainbow Six Siege, and PUBG Battlegrounds. After eight long weeks of sweat-inducing competition, only one will come out victorious in winning the life-changing prize money and being titled the ultimate eSports Champion.

This exciting event is organized by the Esports World Cup Foundation in hopes of bringing gamers, publishers, producers, and fans together from all corners of the globe, all under one roof, with the aim of facilitating stronger connections between the members of the relatively contemporary community. Additionally, a projection of 2.9 million fans is expected to be in attendance at this legendary event. Other than the outstanding 645,000 sq. ft. of space that will hold four arenas, you can also expect two thrilling concerts and six electrifying drone and firework showcases to enjoy during breaks.

As a part of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision, the event aims to expand the country’s eSports industry, which will respectively boost its overall tourism industry. The country acknowledges that eSports and video games have become so much more than just a hobby that one partakes in as a solitary event; they are now the future of the nation. Today, video game players do not view their playing as an extracurricular activity that they merely do in their pastime; it is now a full-time job and a future career for many of them.

يونيو 01, 2024
The Forgotten Sibling: Uncovering Spezial, The Hidden Gem Amongst Adidas’ Trendiest Sneakers

Within the past couple of years, the title of the hottest sneaker has constantly rotated among Adidas’ power trio: Samba, Gazelle, and Campus, and for good reason. You’ve surely heard of these iconic trainers at one point or another since they seem to be just about everywhere. Their slim and muted silhouettes make them versatile enough to complement any outfit, yet with their absolute abundance, it is finally time for a change—we're ready to rock something new!

A Diamond In The Rough  

Introducing the Adidas Spezial, the second-to-last of the dynamic quartet. Despite its relatively recent release in 1979, it may appear as though the Spezial is an outcast amongst its fellow trainers. This falls back to the fact that the Speziel was made to cater towards a somewhat unpopular sport, hence its lack of significant public attention. Unlike the Sambas and the Gazelles, which were famously made with football in mind, or the Campus, which was made for basketball, the Adidas Spezial is artistically crafted with handball in mind. While it was crafted with a specific function in mind, rest assured, you need not be a handball player to effortlessly flaunt this luxurious silhouette. In fact, feel free to wear it wherever and for whatever purpose suits your fancy.

The fact that the silhouette of the Spezial is nearly identical to the Sambas (minus the blisters) makes them perfect for everyday wear, as they can go with absolutely anything. However, since they are still somewhat of a hidden gem among fashion enthusiasts, you can find them just about everywhere at a very reasonable price. Say goodbye to the time when you had to browse for weeks and months on end for that trendy pair of sneakers typically sold out everywhere in your preferred color, size, and style. With the Spezial sneaker, it’s all just so easy!

Limitless Features 

Let’s take a closer look at this outstanding offering and all that it brings to the table, starting off with a clear breakdown of its key components. Having been made with a high-impact sport in mind, the Adidas Spezial was made to be especially strong and sturdy in order to keep them from wearing or tearing, effectively, withstanding the effects of time. When it comes to the material, the Adidas Spezial is composed of a luxurious suede upper, which allows it to hug your feet ever so tightly; you’ll even feel as though it’s perfectly molding to the shape of your feet — an experience of security unlike any other. In addition, the Adidas Spezial also offers a great deal of comfort resulting from the plush cushioning bound to keep your feet happy all day long. To top things off, for your rainy days out or slippery expeditions, the gum sole is significantly thickened in order to provide excellent grip and traction.

In spite of all of its amazing features, the Adidas Spezial offers so much more than just excellent functionality; It is also the ultimate fashion piece to add to your sneaker collection. If you want to hop on the retro sneaker train without looking too trendy, then these kicks are the perfect fit for you, especially if you’re looking to add some edge to your style.

Explore the wide variety of colorways that the Adidas Spezial has to offer. For your basic everyday fits, you can go for the Aluminum Core Black or the Black Gum colorways. Both of which will blend seamlessly and effortlessly into all of your outfits. However, if you’re looking to add a touch of flair that will turn heads, then you had better check out the Bright Red Clear Pink and the Black Yellow which are the ideal matches tailored to your needs.

Mad Kicks 

If you’re on the hunt to incorporate a vintage, authentic touch to your wardrobe, then the Adidas Spezial is the perfect choice for you. Whether you’re on the field or out on the streets, you can become a pioneer and an OG in streetwear before this sneaker is inevitably seen on everyone’s feet in a couple of months. You can find your perfect pair of Spezial through your one-stop destination for all things streetwear, Mad Kicks.

مايو 28, 2024
A Haven Amid the Scorching Desert: Saudi Arabia Introduces The Line, the World’s First Vertical City

After high anticipation worldwide, Saudi Arabia is rumored to be scaling back on their 1.4 trillion-dollar, one-of-a-kind project, the line, after three years of continuous planning and construction

Living in a dystopian reality, one akin to those we see in movies or read in books, may seem like a distant reality to many of us, an existence that, in theory, should take hundreds or even thousands of years to manifest itself based on our current technological and economic development. So, you may be surprised to hear that a futuristic city is much closer to becoming a reality than any of us may have anticipated.
In fact, it is just around the corner and Saudi Arabia is the first in the world to take the steps toward elevating our future well beyond expectations. For the past 4 years, the nation has been working towards a better future, not just for its citizens but for the rest of the world. Just imagine what it would be like to live in a completely self-sustaining city that is segregated from all surrounding areas. A city where anything and everything you’d ever need is a mere 20-minute or less train ride away. Whether it is commuting to school or work or simply going to the mall or visiting a friend’s house, everything is easily and quickly accessible at all times, wherever you are. A city where all the environmental concerns of urbanism plaguing the world are solved at last, allowing its society and habitat to live in harmony and union with a lack of worry for pollution, traffic, or needless transportation payments.



The Eighth Wonder

Centuries ago, 7 ancient civilizations blessed us with 7 wonders of the world that anthropologists are still fascinated by to this day. However, unknown to them, there might just be an eighth wonder waiting to be discovered just around the corner. Amid the scorching deserts of Saudi Arabia, a heaven city is stationed, which will completely revolutionize urbanism and civilization as we know them today.
Introducing The Line, the world’s first futuristic city bound to completely change the world’s approach to infrastructure. The Line is a realization of the concept of a liner city that has been imagined and proposed for over a century but, due to a lack of funding and supplies, to no avail. However, Saudi Arabia is the closest that anyone has ever gotten to turning this dream into a reality. The Line was initially introduced by Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman in 2021.


The Line is a part of the country’s 2030 ten-year plan, where they aim to diversify the country in so many different aspects, including its economy, society, and culture. This outstanding project was initially expected to cover 170 km of space, spanning from the Red Sea all the way to the great city of Tabuk, and was projected to have 9 million residents – 25% of Saudi Arabia’s population. Caged between two mirrored skyscrapers, this linear smart city will run on three different levels: one surface for pedestrians and two underground for infrastructure and transportation. Additionally, maid robots, flying taxis, and an artificial moon are only some of the dystopian elements that you can expect. The whole concept seems like it’s coming straight out of a Sci-fi movie and we’re so here for it!


Setbacks and Furthering’s

For the past 3 years, since The Line was first announced, it seems like this unbelievable city is the only thing on everyone’s minds. The idea of a city that can eliminate any need for cars and streets and the subsequent carbon emissions thought to be unattainable within this lifetime, not to mention the outstanding environmental impact, was incredibly fascinating. Hence, in order to stay in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 Project, construction began straight away in October 2021 after the announcement in hopes of completing the first phase of the project by 2030. However, ever since the onset of construction, rumors began circulating that the cost of this project is much higher than what was initially anticipated, making the project nearly impossible. Neither confirming nor denying, finance Minister Mohammed al-Jadaan stated, “We’ll change course, we’ll adjust, we’ll extend some of the projects, we’ll downscale some projects, we’ll accelerate some projects.” Giving us hope that there is still a future for this utopian city.


Currently, 260 excavators and 2000 trucks are working 24/7 to set the foundation integral to the development of The Line. To combat the rumors about stunted work, the recently released photos and drone footage of the project prove that everything is going just according to plan.

مايو 22, 2024
Aquaarabia: The Largest Water Park to Hit the Middle East is set to Launch in Saudi Arabia

Experience an exhilarating water adventure with Saudi Arabia's first world-record-breaking water park, set to open in 2025.  

A Vision Of Success

The year 2030 holds substantial importance for Saudi Arabia and it all falls back to the government program, Vision 2030. The Vision is a comprehensive initiative designed to advance the nation's economy, with a key focus on boosting its tourism sector. One of the biggest projects that we’ve all heard of being utilized for this ambitious program is none other than The Line a linear, self-sustaining city run by robots that aims to host over 9 million citizens within its high walls. It's truly mind-boggling, isn't it? Now, imagine channeling that same level of innovation and creativity into something on a slightly smaller scale that makes for the perfect summer pastime: a water park!

The Entertainment Hub

On the outskirts of Riyadh lies the city of Qiddiya, Saudi Arabia’s capital destination and number one tourist attraction, where the possibilities are endless. Developed in 2017, this city’s charm lies in its numerous interactive attractions that garner heaps of tourists annually. In fact, Qiddiya is expected to be one of the leading factors in the success of Saudi’s Vision 2030. Gaming and eSports, amusement parks, and cultural hubs are all that make this city a testament to Saudi Arabia's steadfast dedication to continuous innovation and evolution.  However, there's always been a crucial component missing from this wondrous puzzle, one that was only recently uncovered.


Qiddiya has recently unveiled its most recent and highly anticipated addition: Aquaarabia. Set to open in 2025, this megaproject is not only the kingdom’s first water park but is also going to be the biggest to hit the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is known for always going above and beyond when it comes to any of their projects – Aquaarabia is no exception to this rule. Spanning 250,000 square meters, this water park will host 22 rides, five of which are going to break world records.

Get ready for an adrenaline-packed experience with four incredible attractions at Aquarabia Water Park. You won't want to miss Junoon Drop, the world's tallest water coaster, or Speedy Jamezales, the highest drop body slide. Take a plunge down Slithereel, the longest water slide, or race your friends on Jamal Joom, the longest mat racer.

It doesn’t just stop there! Apart from the exhilarating, record-breaking rides, Aquaarabia offers many never-before-seen attractions that will leave you completely in awe. Some of the exciting additions include a mix of wet and dry rides, an underwater adventure ride featuring fully submersible vehicles, and, for animal lovers, designated interactive areas that will allow you to connect with your favorite local animals.

Last but not least, water sports. Yep, you heard that right! Aquarabia is so huge that it has the capacity to host water sports. The dedicated area will provide opportunities for rafting, kayaking, canyoneering, solo climbing, cliff jumping, and, most importantly, Saudi’s first ever surfing pool. Whether you’re an active participant or a passive watcher, it’ll definitely be an experience worth having!

مايو 20, 2024
The City of Roses Hosts the Highly Anticipated Al Taif Rose Festival This Upcoming Week

For the 19th year in a row, the annual Al Taif Rose Festival returns stronger and better than ever, with so many amazing additions.

Spring is finally upon us. This season is the time for new beginnings and the return to the order of things. Spring marks the rejuvenation of the natural world after the cold winter months, when the flowers resprout and the animals awaken from their hibernation. Every moment is a celebration of the endless beauty that this world has to offer.

Spring also introduces the harvest season in Al Taif, the wondrous city of roses filled with a rich heritage, scenic views, and - most importantly - flowers. For the past 19 years, the Ministry of Culture has organized the most anticipated event of the year. Amid the mountains and greenery sits the evergreen Al Ruddaf Park, which is graciously hosting this year’s annual Al Taif Rose Festival. 

This year, the event is taking place from the 7th to the 14th of May, and people from all around the world are traveling to witness the region’s sensational harvest season packed into this groundbreaking festival. Here’s what you’d be missing out on if you skipped out on this year’s highly acclaimed Al Taif Rose Festival.

Starting off with the obvious – the outstanding rose displays. At one point or another, we’ve all caught a whiff of the amazing scents of the al Taif roses in the form of perfumes and oils, but what about meeting the makers of these scents firsthand? Just imagine a carpet made of over a million roses, or the world’s biggest basket of flowers consisting of over 84 thousand roses. That is just a glimpse into the wondrous world of the Al Taif Rose Festival.

The Al Taif Rose Festival offers endless beds of roses in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors. From hanging flowers over your head to vast, colorful fields underneath your feet with every step you take, this spring festival offers the most perfect backdrops for your Instagram photos.

That is not all; apart from the amazing floral displays, you can also expect an amazing experience filled with interactive water and light shows, authentic local shopping stalls, and a dedicated children’s play area that allows parents to soak in the beauty of the festival and everything surrounding it without any worries.


Grab your family and friends and experience a world filled with unmatched beauty and serenity this spring at the Al Taif Rose Festival. .

مايو 10, 2024
Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice: Nike Teams up with the Powerpuff Girls to Release the Highly Anticipated Nike SB Dunk Low X Powerpuff Girls Three-part Collection

 Picture this: It’s a typical day, you’ve just come home from a long day of school. And you’re so eager to watch the latest episode of your favorite cartoon. If you’re a millennial, or Gen Z, then this era of cartoons is a very nostalgic part of your life—one you thought could never be experienced again. Well, what if I told you that Nike has introduced a way for you to relive this stress-free and joyful part of your childhood again?




Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup

For the first time ever, Nike and The Powerpuff Girls have teamed up to release the most unexpected yet greatly anticipated release of 2024. Introducing one of the latest Nike Dunk Low releases, the the Nike SB Dunk Low X Powerpuff Girls. This collection is, in every sense of the word, one-of-a-kind.


Having been released a mere 4 months ago, this 3-part collection pays tribute to the three young cartoon heroines: Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. Much like Professor Utonium’s craft in creating the girls, Nike’s SB division was able to meticulously engineer three of the most unique sneakers to hit the market this year; they are also completely unmatched when it comes to the concept behind their youthful design.



Even if you’ve never watched The Powerpuff Girls or know any of its characters, you needn’t worry. Sure, it’s amazing that all of you Powderpuff lovers out there are finally getting some representation, but this must-have collection represents so much more than just a cartoon show; it encapsulates all the joy and nostalgia of your adolescence in the boxes of these three sneakers. Whether you’re a grown adult or a young toddler, you can unleash your inner child and youthful spirit with the marvelous Powerpuff sneakers.


The Magic Recipe



Within the past couple of years, Nike’s exclusivity and hype have skyrocketed exponentially. The reason? Their unmatched materials and excellent craftsmanship. Hence, selecting the SB as the silhouette for the collaboration couldn’t be a better choice, especially due to this sneaker’s ever-premium detailing that works so well with this collaboration. Aside from their colors, the three pairs look fairly similar upon first glance. They all feature a bold swoosh, a black midsole, a translucent outsole, and fun additional designs such as the eyes at the heels, the cartoonish tags on the tongues, and illustrations of Mojo JoJo featured on the insoles. But here’s an interesting fact for you: the three colorways utilize different fabrics and materials when it comes to their respective materials, which highlights Nike’s diverse prowess. Let’s take an even closer look at these unique offerings, shall we?



Starting with the leader of the group, Blossom. If you’re looking for a fun pink sneaker, her sneaker is the one for you. The Powerpuff Girls SB Dunk Low "Blossom" sneaker features a smooth nubuck with a glittery design on the upper, a nod to her vibrant personality. As for the swoosh, it sees an orange color, which, if you’re a fan of the show, you’d know is indicative of Blossom's hair. Moreover, two pink eyes can be found at the heels looking off to the side with a little smile at the bottom. To top it all off, a symbol of blossom can be found on the places where a little pink heart sits.



If you’re looking to add a touch of emotion to your collection, then The Powerpuff Girls SB Dunk Low "Bubbles" is the right answer for you. This colorway features a blue textured upper that gives the sneaker a fun, bubbly look - much like its character. The yellow swoosh and blue eyes at the heels play on the characters hair and eye color, respectively.



Last but not least, we have The Powerpuff Girls SB Dunk Low "Buttercup” in the green colorway. Similar to its counterpart, this offering has a smooth nylon finish, indicative of Buttercup’s tough-to-break character. With its jet-black swoosh and black midsoles, this colorway has a bolder look in contrast to its counterparts. Finally, the green eyes of Buttercup found at the heel blend seamlessly into the rest of this sneaker.




Where to Shop?

You embark on a new adventure with every step you take. This is especially true with the sneakers in this collaboration, where you will be stepping into a whole new world of action. If you’re a collector, these sneakers are the ultimate collector's piece. Due to this collection’s high exclusivity and unparalleled design, you better pre-order the full set of the Powerpuff X Nike SB Dunk Low today from your one-stop destination, Mad Kicks, before it’s too late!


مايو 06, 2024
Out with the Old In with the New: Adidas Campus 00 on the Rise to Becoming a Holy Grail

With the rise of TikTok came the worldwide spread of fashion at a faster pace than ever before. This goes for the Adidas Campus 00. This sneaker is the best of both worlds. It combines the comfort of the Gazelle with the aesthetic of the Samba, making it an absolute crowd favorite. Don’t hesitate and hasten to make this year’s hottest pair of sneakers yours today!


Trendy or Timeless 

Over the past decade, Adidas has made the trendiest shoes to hit the market. If you’re a sneakerhead, you’ve certainly either had or considered owning a pair of Adidas sneakers at some point in your life. From as recent as the Sambas to as old as the Superstars, Adidas sneakers have become a staple in the majority of households - their formula? The brand ensures that these shoes blend seamlessly into your outfits, making them perfect for everyday wear. 

This still holds especially true when it comes to the Adidas Campus 00s. Their simple yet chucky silhouette makes for the perfect funky staple in your wardrobe. Adidas Campus shoes initially gained popularity in the 80s and have evolved into different iterations, including the latest 00s, which came out almost two years ago. With Y2K coming back, the sneaker’s skate culture has made it one of this year’s most sought out kicks.  

Comfort and Style Unleashed

Let’s talk comfort! If you’ve had enough of suffering from blisters for aesthetics, the Campus 00s should be your top choice in footwear. Traction and support are provided by the rubber outsole, while a flexible cushioning system offers premium comfort and support. This will allow you to stride both confidently and comfortably. 

Additionally, the design of the 00s includes a mix of suede leather and cordura on the upper. The former allows for a soft surface, while the latter ensures the longevity and breathability of the sneaker. Together, they work to keep your feet dry and warm in uncertain weather.

When it comes to the design, these shoes may function as a canvas for your personal customization. If you find that you are overwhelmed with the chunkiness of the sneaker, you can easily swap the laces for a thinner, sleeker look, depending on what the fit and feel require. You can also funk them up by dressing them in different colored laces. The possibilities are endless! 

Endless Colorways 

Their minimal design and versatile colorways have made the 00s a staple for many. If you’re one that likes to make a bold statement by adding a pop of color to your outfits, then you can go for either the Better Scarlet Cloud White or the Pink Fusion colorways. Their bright colors will have all heads turning to you!

Of course, let’s not forget about the muted colorways that add just enough Bazzaz to your outfits to make a statement, but not too much as to take away from your dressy drips. Options such as Ambient Sky and Collegiate Green should absolutely be your absolute go-tos. You can also never go wrong with the many black, white, and gray variations presented by the Adidas Campus 00.  No matter what, these sneakers will always blend so seamlessly into all of your outfits!


 Whether you're a man or a woman, old or young, safe or adventurous, when it comes to the Adidas Campus 00, there’s something for everyone. These sneakers will certainly cater to everyone’s needs and wants. Head on to Mad Kicks to get your very own pair today!

أبريل 22, 2024
Dystopia Reimagined: Yeezy Foam Runner

In a world where ordinary designs dominate, the Adidas Yeezy Foam RNR has superseded all the social norms of what a shoe is expected to look like. This dystopian looking sneaker is one of the final drops to come after the end of a revolutionary collaboration. With its futuristic silhouette, the MX Cinder Foam RNR will definitely have many heads turning feet first. 

Minimalism Elevated 

When Kanye West, the popular American rapper and fashion enthusiast, pitched the idea of Yeezy to Adidas, they were immediately intrigued. His vision was an unusual one; a shoe that has a sleek minimalistic look dressed in quiet, neutral colorways. At a time when complicated and colorful shoes were all the hype, Adidas’s Yeezy stood out with its simplistic look from the loud, chaotic crowd. Unsurprisingly, the combination between the big names associated with the brand, and the distinctive look of the sneaker was a recipe for success.

Clouds For Feet 

After half a decade of its collaboration with Adidas and many successful releases, the American brand decided to release a more elevated version of the classic running sneaker. The Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner dropped in 2020 after high anticipation from awaiting fans and sneaker lovers alike. However, the sneaker garnered much debate amongst fashion enthusiasts. Initially, the silhouette and its practicality were put into question. However, customers found that in spite of the peculiar design, the sneaker’s functionality was not compromised whatsoever. In fact, if you find yourself wanting to wear these sneakers leisurely at home, you would not be the only one. Because, although these shoes were made with running in mind, many have decided to categorize them in leisurewear. That is not to say that their running utility wavered at any rate. 

Dark Tie-dye

It goes without saying that this sneaker is unlike any other. With its many holes and odd silhouette, one might question its nature, and mistake it for an obscure sculpture over a sneaker. The recently dropped colorway of the Foam RNR in MX Cinder is an interesting divergence from the usual look, the sneaker is dressed in an interesting blend of muted colors as opposed to the regular solid color. The base includes a mixture of black and gray, while brown and blue hues dominate the front and back, respectively. No two patterns are alike as this colorway does not follow a set formula. Ultimately, you are guaranteed a one-of-a-kind shoe like no other.

مارس 31, 2024

The Maison Mihara Yasuhiro Peterson OG Sole Canvas elevates the everyday sneaker with an unconventional and creatively altered style. They're famous for using weird stuff and making old-looking shoes that tell a story. Also, they don't care much about whether shoes are for guys or girls, they just make trendy shoes for everyone.

Trend Report:

They reached out to public in two colour options namely Mihara Yasuhiro Peterson OG Sole Canvas Low Black and Mihara Yasuhiro Peterson OG Sole Canvas Low White on June 1st, 2022. An interesting fact is that the original sole was created by Mihara modelled by hand using clay. Let’s explore the insights and uncover the Japanese fashion artist's vision. 


Cool Creativity:

Inspired by the Converse/Vans, the designer's take on this offers a reconstructed almost like deformed type sole. This thick, melted-looking sole sparks the interest of several consumers.  The top part is made of light canvas and the sole is big, making them comfortable. Imagine it as basic but lavish at the same time.

Unboxing experience:

The toe box on these canvas design shoes has a very nice soft gum feel, it's very plushy and rubbery which is very pleasing to the touch. These canvas design shoes come with really beautiful, extremely padded and voluminous yarn laces that you don't see that much anymore. The tongue is very thin making it a great summer fit incorporated with beautiful YYM branding and some inspirational quotes in hints of red, perfect to kick start your day. The defining feature of Low White is the inclusion of black piping that runs along the sides of the body, creating an accentuating feature.

Moving towards the bottom of the shoe you're going to observe a beautiful signature kind of triangle webbing, with that nice kind of layered rubber deconstructed. For reference, imagine if glue was set on fire and it undergoes melting that's exactly how the sole of the shoe was meant to look. On the back, the Maison Mihara logo is engraved. These shoes are the perfect pair being wide on feet and yet cozy.


Unsure About Which Color to Choose?

While white sneakers with a white foundation are popular in the spring and summer, black is a versatile option for everyday wear. Adding white sneakers to your outfit brings brightness to your entire style, so it's highly suggested for the fall and winter seasons when darker tones are widespread.


Style-wear Opinions:

For those who may feel uncertain, both Low Black and Low White colour options are suggested as a dependable option when experimenting for the first time. You can picture wearing them with light blue ripped jeans, a neat flannel baseball hat and some cool extras. NO NEED TO WORRY NOW as it will stand out from any casual denim to coordinated set. 

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مارس 26, 2024
Comfort Wrapped in Colors – Onitsuka Tiger's, A Breeze and A Joy Pathway.

The Mexico 66 sneaker is a timeless classic that has stood the test of time since its inception in 1966 by the Japanese athletic shoe company. The shoe was designed as a runner, particularly for the 1968 Summer Olympics held in Mexico City. Its distinctive design and comfort made it a popular choice among athletes. Let’s take a detailed look at Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 redesigned sneaker and explore its various design elements that contribute to its contemporary and updated aesthetic.  

Design Significance: 

The Mexico 66 is renowned for its unique design, featuring the iconic Tiger Stripes on the sides. The design is inspired by the national flag of Mexico, with vibrant colours reflecting the cultural heritage of the host country of the 1968 Olympics. Inspired by classic training shoes like the LIMBER, it carries the iconic stripes, taking a nod from the '60s while staying relevant for today's urban lifestyle.

Elegance and Craftmanship: 

Introducing the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 White Blue Red and Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Birch Peacoat, a contemporary rendition with design elements inherited from the iconic MEXICO 66 model. This reinvented version embraces the Onitsuka Tiger Stripes, a thin sole and historical cross part on the heel, showcasing the brand's rich legacy. Crafted with a refined leather upper, the shoe prioritizes elegance and comfort. Slim laces and metal eyelets add to the sophisticated aesthetic.

Key Features and Superior Comfort:

Leather Upper: The sneakers boast a quality leather upper, ensuring durability and style.

Metal Eyelets: Featuring metal eyelets for added durability and a touch of sophistication.

AMPLIFOAM Cushioning: The heel wedge is equipped with AMPLIFOAM material, providing superior cushioning for comfort.

Original Outsole Compound: The sneakers utilize the original outsole compound, ensuring excellent grip for stability.

OrthoLite X-40 Sockliner: Enhancing the shoe's comfort, the OrthoLite X-40 sockliner offers a springy feel and softer impact on the ground.

Comfort Assurance:

The blend of classic aesthetic and unique colour schemes of Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Birch Peacoat and White Blue Red not only exudes versatility but is also complemented by premium construction, guaranteeing both comfort and performance. The MEXICO 66 introduces a contemporary twist, merging historical elements with modern elegance for a refined footwear experience.

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